What is faith? Why would you want it? And what is honour, what does it look, taste and feel like? And why does this blog take a month instead of a week?

Lets start with the last question: after the last blog we left the base towards Berlin, there we helped on a conference with about 500 people. This is amazing for corona-times! Just to let you know, it was not amazing for corona, that did not get a grip on the people present. The plan and implementation worked well, along with the grace of God. On the conference I witnessed a great unity within Berlin, within the whole country of Germany, rising up together and taking responsibility. People from all over the world could witness it aswell. Interesting to me was how the children where involved: instead of being stowed away in a back room, they had a place in the front, with access to the stage. Children from all ages shared their impressions and were taken seriously, it even became a key part of the gathering. It opened my eyes for how things could be in the kingdom of God

Having that said, what is faith? Lets check the dictionary: 1. complete trust or confidence in someone or something / 2. strong belief in the doctrines of a religion, based on spiritual conviction rather than proof

Now I think part 2 isnt neccesary or even true. Let me explain: part 1 says it already, I have faith in the person Jesus Christ. Its not a doctrine of a religion, its a spiritual conviction based on the proof that Jesus Christ has walked on this earth and the reports of eye-witnessess seeing Him being taken on the clouds.

Why did I begin about faith? Because it is important to my life. Without faith I would not be in Freiburg now. Without faith I probably would be somewhere in prison. But thanks to my faith, thanks to God: I dont have anger problems anymore, I am still alive, I can still walk, I am here, I have joy in my life. I could go on for longer, but I think you get the gist. Faith in Jesus enables me to have a real life, a good life. And its not just for me, its available for eternity and for everyone, so yes: also for you

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