Trust and leadership

Who is your leader? What does a leader do? Do you feel trusted?

This week I am at a missions conference in Madrid. With the team we will teach and learn from what we have been taught and what we carry. It is a great opportunity, as a lockdown seems to come and keep us away from ministering. But God always makes a way: now we can serve both with wisdom and in a practical way. Also; I have been leading the preparation from our team for this conference, something that was in a way challenging but at the same time it was clear what decisions needed to be made. So I am looking forward to this week, as I lead our team in the conference as well.

Since a few years God has been trying to teach me about leadership and I always tried to get out from under it. At some point it was three times in a row, so I couldn’t just let it go. With trial and error; grace from God and people, I started to lead. Scary as it was, with good teams around me it actually became fun

But what makes a good team? Does everyone need to be like me? Please… NO! I am happy with different people, with different interests, characters and skillsets. Sometimes it makes communication harder, but it also gives relationship and a better representation of how God wanted life to be: vibrant. A good team means that we all do our part, we work together to seek the best solution for everyone. As long as we communicate our needs, our visions and seek the best for eachother, we can all grow

And that is where trust comes in. As a leader, do I trust myself? Do I trust my team? And in what do I trust myself and my team? Without knowing myself, I cannot lead myself and therefore the team. And if I don’t know my team, I can’t lead them either.

I am glad with the opportunities I had in the last years to get to know myself better. And also the times at work where I needed to start talking, although it wasn’t always nice, without these situations I could not grow. I’d be sitting in my corner, mocking (or hopefully not), doing my thing. Thank you for the time you all invested in me, be it intentional or not. It made growth possible, it has driven me into the arms of Jesus, the servant King, who I want to follow in His example.

I choose to trust my team, as Jesus trusts me to do His will. I choose to serve my team, as Jesus served me. When problems arise, I will not shy away, but I will face them together with Jesus

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