The days of future (&) past

Last year I was just thinking of doing a DTS, weighing all the pro’s and con’s. It seemed to be a distant future: what will I do? When will I do it? Do I dare to leave my safe life behind?

By now these days have past, the lecture phase is almost over, just one more week and it’s done. A lot of learning has happened, both mentally and spiritually. What will I take from it? I hope a lot, as it has given me a perspective on how life should be and that perspective brings forth vibrant life, flowing from God to me and those around me

But with each closing, a new start is on the way. In this case: the outreach phase! I go to southern europe, most likely to a spanish speaking part. Although my head is still in the lectures, I can’t wait to go out and bring further into practice all that I’ve learned!

Thank you for your love and support in the last months. I appreciate our relationship more than I used to say 😉 you are a lovely person

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