Pray before you go

How easy is it for you to do things? How long can you go on after you started? What are your prayers about?

I’m starting to realise that I can easily slide into work-mode, when I see something I want to fix it or make it better. Or when I see someone struggling: I immediately start thinking of how I could help. After (or sometimes even without) a brief thought I go into action. These are ofcourse great things, but I realise that the effectiveness can be so much better by a small change in this pattern: Pray before you go

What are your prayers about? To receive? To build relationship? For thanksgiving? Worship or praise? To interceed? All these things are good, even more so when they’re in a mix with one another. Together they help build your relationship with God

Jesus told us in the Bible, in Matthew 6:33, “Seek first the Kingdom of God”. This is in a passage about worries for all the possible needs in life. Yet I think it can be used in more regards than this, as it’s also a red line throughout Jesus’ life. He always sought after the will of His Father, He sought the Kingdom of God first

So what does this mean for the daily life? Is it going to be bad without a prayer ahead? Can’t there be growth without prayer before anything? I think thats quite the overstatement. Growth and a level goodness are not depending on if you prayed before. The way we perceive things on the other hand, does change for the better with a deeper relationship. The more we share with Him, the deeper the relationship and the more space we automatically give Him to speak into our lives

Things need doing and there are always people that need help or attention. With God there is rest and love. He wants to hand it out, so be ready to accept it. One way to do that is to pray before you go

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