Love is in the air

Before you get confused: I am talking about the love of God, for everyone. EveryONE including me. Now you could think: is this the first time you learn this? Well, defenitely not, I’ve learned it many times before and even knew it in my heart. I thought that was still the case, but found out I was wrong. God loves me more then I can imagine, I am his child

So the last few weeks we’ve been bonding as a group, with both the worship and outdoor focusses, a good mix of men and women on both sides and even the same amount in each group! We’ve been to Switzerland in a cottage in the mountains and with the outdoor group we’ve explored a bit of the black forest. We could even see the Swiss alps in the distance! It is great to see how big the creation is, and yet with soo many details

I love how the worship just overflows, God is speaking and healing the students. We may not be perfect (yet), but be we are blameless already. I find it interesting how full the weeks can be and you can still be wanting more, it awakened a hunger in me

I haven’t forgotten about you, my family, friends and partners. The time here is short and I just want to get the most out of it 😉

Love and blessings!

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