Lessons from the apple tree

As you can see: a broken apple tree

I came into my garden, on first glance the tree seemed to be doing great! Lots of apples on all of the branches. A few with a worm or pecked by a bird, but growing fast

Then I saw it: the top branch was broken. It just hung there, the apples slowly dropping of. What happened? How could this disaster strike?

It hit me: an apple tree’s job is to produce apples. Being great at its job, she produced many many apples. While nurturing all of the fresh delicousness, it couldn’t nurture itself enough. It couldn’t let go of its job, dropping a premature apple was out of the question.. so the branch bend and bend until it broke off

As you may know I like to prevent risks, look ahead in time and smoothen the life and comfort of others. In doing that I may loose sight of my own needs, the other is more important at this point. So, me is a bit like an apple tree?

Okay, the tree didn’t complain or groan under the weight, and I might do that 😉 But still, the tree broke because it didn’t receive the care it needed. Someone who removed the surplus of weight, before it was too late

In my opinion we all need someone to look after us. A friend, a spouse, a sibbling, a child or parent. We aren’t made to be alone, but to strengthen and support eachother.

Others can look into our lives and spot a ballast, calling us out on it. But sometimes we hide it, so we won’t be called on it or just to shield others.

If you feel like you hide it or have too much on your plate: don’t be like the apple tree. Speak up about it and work together in order to balance your load. People are resilient, but we too can break.

So for now: I removed apples from the other branches, so it won’t break down on all sides. In my own life some of the weight is dropping. Hopefully in time for the next wave of fruitfulness

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