Is this really… ?

… You God? … happening? … safe?

As some of you may know: the title of the YWAM-book is ‘Is this really You God?’ It tells the story of Lorne Cunningham as he learns to understand God and the vision he received from God. A vision with waves of young people spreading across the earth, spreading the gospel and helping those in need. I want to partake in this vision and would love to get one of my own. I want to hear God’s voice, be close to His loving heart and see the beauty He created, through any scar or filth that might try to hide it

After three tries and a long wait it finally seems to be happening! I’ve received the official OK to go towards Freiburg and am now preparing to go there. It is weird to leave it all behind, friends, family, colleagues. I’m going to miss you people (with a small tear in the corner of my eye). I may sometimes seem distant, but my heart truly goes out to you

In the eyes of the world joining a school may not be safe, as well as travelling internationally. The thing is: this about God! And as that is the case, even I can’t imagine a risk that is big enough to stop me (and you know I see risks everywhere and prefer to deal with it before moving on). It’s becoming clearer that there are multiple types of safety: physical, mental and spiritual. They all have a different protection, unless you find the one who is able to protect them all: Jesus! Things can happen in His presence, but as long as the heart is safe with Him, does it even matter?