A christmas poem

A celebration of life
That the wise men have looked for
That the earth has groaned for
A moment of joy for Joseph and his wife

By a decree from Rome
They went from Nazareth to Bethlehem
Just for some ruler not to condemn
So it happened far away from home

It was a journey of about a week
Riding a donkey
And sleeping a bit wonky
All that, with a baby at his peak

No place at the inn
No-one would let them in

A bin to feed the sheep
Born a stranger
With no cradle to sleep

Visible to the human eye
Giving glory to the one most high

Spat out by society
They spread the word without anxiety

Wise men
Followed the light
Brought honour and gifts
To the royalty in their sight

Entitled as can be
Trying to save his identity

Waiting for the sons of God
For an end to all the fraud

Here is Jesus
The first and foremost
Born as a baby,
fragile and needy
Yet from the start
divine in his ways
Never a reason to sin
Showing identity to all kin

The Son of heaven came to earth
To die for us; He knew it’d be worth
Now, you have a choice,
So, what will you voice?
No time, too proud, afraid of something new?
Or celebration and new life together with the ones who knew?

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